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5 Ways Closed Pod Devices Can Help You Quit Smoking

5 Ways Closed Pod Devices Can Help You Quit Smoking

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Vaping a closed pod system is a lot safer than smoking, and it's a powerful aid for kicking the smoking habit. In this article, you will discover the real scoop on closed pod systems, such as what it is and show some of the latest technologies that can help you throw your cigarettes away. Additionally, we will cover the 5 different ways a closed pod system can help you quit. Let’s dive right in!

What is a Closed Pod System

A closed pod system is like a simple pod vape setup. It's got a battery and a cartridge already filled with e-liquid. But here's the deal – you can't top it up with more e-liquid. When it runs dry, just pop out the used pod and pop in a fresh one. There are other systems as well such as an open pod and a disposable pod.

Different Pod Systems

Here are some famous closed pod systems that you can consider:

  • Ncig Pro

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The NCIG Pro is all about top-notch performance and a cool design with a nifty Safety Lock Mode. Just give the cartridge a quick triple tap to activate it. Say hello to a smoke-free future that's right at your fingertips. The NCIG Pro and the innovative NPOD together provide a complete solution for grown-up smokers aiming to kick the cigarette habit. Made by ex-smokers themselves, the new NCIG Series is a promising move toward quitting smoking for good.


  • Nanostix NX

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The NanoSTIX NX is a stylish vaping gadget that's all about both looks and performance. It won't keep you waiting, thanks to its quick USB Type-C charging and a battery that goes the distance. Plus, you've got peace of mind with safety features like short circuit protection. If you're on the journey to quit smoking, NanoSTIX NX is here to offer a satisfying alternative.

How Does a Closed Pod System Help With Quitting Cigarettes

Here are 5 ways that a closed pod system can assist you in your journey to throw those cigarettes away:

Reduces exposure to harmful chemicals

Closed pod system vapes are like fancy gadgets that let you breathe in nicotine through a vapor instead of old-school smoke. They do this by warming up a liquid mix (that's the substance in the pod cartridge), usually with propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavours, and nicotine in it.

The flavour cartridges come in various nicotine strengths, so you can choose the right dose to ease cravings and those not-so-fun withdrawal feelings, like being cranky and down in the dumps.

Nicotine, on its own, isn't all that harmful. It's been safely used for a long time in medicines to help folks quit smoking.

Flavour variety

The flavour cartridges that you can pair with your closed pod device have a bunch of different flavours, some are sweet and some are creamy. However, smokers who are looking for the same taste as a cigarette wouldn’t like this kind of aroma. Not to worry! Closed pod brands have flavours that can help smokers satisfy their needs in a healthier manner.

Brands like Ncig, has a line of flavour cartridges called the Ncig Pod. They released some flavours that can mimic the taste of a cigarette such as Blanc Premium, Blanc Classic, and Spearmint. Spearmint is a lot like menthol cigarettes, while Blanc Classic and Premium imitate the taste of Marlboro Lights and Dunhill Reds. These flavors are just right for smokers who want their vape to taste just like their cigarettes.

The Nanostix brand have similar flavours compared to the Ncig. Nansostix tasty cartridges, called the NanoPod, released flavours like Tabac Menthol and Tabac Classic to satisfy a smokers craving.

Second-hand smoke reduction

Closed pod system vapes are great when it comes to reducing the risk of second-hand smoke. These nifty devices keep things contained and neat. It's a considerate option for the people around you, as they won't have to deal with as much passive exposure to those potentially harmful chemicals that come from traditional smoking. So, it's not just you who benefits – your friends and family get a breather too.

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Financial Savings

You know, closed pod flavor cartridges are a wallet-friendly choice compared to buying a whole carton of cigarettes. When you do the math, those cartridges usually last longer and give you more puffs for your buck. It's like a little financial win for you. Plus, with the added benefit of not having to deal with those hefty cigarette taxes, it's a double win for your pocket! So, making the switch can save you some serious cash while still enjoying your nicotine fix.

Social Support

Closed pod device users often have their own little communities where vapers can connect and get support. It's like a friendly hangout for people who share the same journey. You can chat, share experiences, and learn from others trying to quit or just enjoy vaping. It's kind of like having a virtual cheer squad, and it can be super motivating to know you're not alone in this quitting adventure.

Vape Community

In conclusion, closed pod systems offer a promising path to quit smoking and embrace a healthier lifestyle. These devices are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and provide several key advantages in the quitting journey. In your transition to a smoke-free future, closed pod systems are a valuable ally. With their convenience, safety, and the support of like-minded individuals, you're taking important steps towards a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle. So, take the plunge, kick the habit, and embrace the positive change that closed pod systems can offer.