WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Importing Malaysian E-liquids into Your Country: E-liquid Regulations You Need to Know About and Some Tips on Importing

Importing Malaysian E-liquids into Your Country: E-liquid Regulations You Need to Know About and Some Tips on Importing

Anna Hamid |

So you’ve found out about Malaysian e-liquids, how good they taste and want to give them a try. Unfortunately though, unless you live in Malaysia, the only way you can get them is by buying them online.

Thankfully for you, there are quality suppliers from Malaysia who will get them shipped to you in pristine condition (like Punkjuice, of course!).

Now, the question is: can you actually import Malaysian e-liquids into your country?

Unlike things like shoes, and food you buy online, e-liquids are looked at with more scrutiny by immigration authorities.

While some countries are accepting of e-cigarettes and e-liquids as an alternative or even as a smoking cessation therapy, for others, e-liquids are the same thing as drugs.

So whether or not you can import Malaysian e-liquids or any kind of e-liquids into your country will be largely dependent on how the authorities in your country view e-liquids as well as the laws that have been drawn up to regulate them.

Importing e-liquids into a country where they are banned can lead to products being confiscated, buyers getting slapped with a fine or worse, facing a prison term.

To help you avoid problems with your e-liquid imports, we have gathered most of the known information about e-liquid regulations in some of the most popular vaping destinations in the world. These will give you an idea of what might happen when you import e-liquids from Malaysia.

Though the list isn’t exhaustive, it covers all the countries with the most active vaping community.

Let’s take a look!

Regulations in Countries Where Use and Import of E-Liquids is Legal

These are countries where vaping is generally considered legal. However, in some countries, there are limitations on the amount of nicotine in the e-liquids as well as the volume of e-liquids allowed.


Import Notes


Importing e-liquids into the US is legal with proper nicotine label. Large orders may be subject to custom duties.


Regulations on the import of e-liquids into Canada are currently still being drawn under the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act. Generally permitted at the moment, with some reports of confiscation depending on state.

UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Ireland

Under the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD), e-liquids must not have a nicotine strength of more than 20mg/mL, with the maximum e-liquid volume in one refill container to not exceed 10mL.


Nicotine e-liquids are illegal in Japan, but you can import up to 120ml of nicotine e-liquid per person per month from an online supplier overseas.


Although there is yet any laws pertaining to the use of e-cigarettes specifically, the use of non-nicotine e-liquids is generally allowed in all states.

However, importing nicotine e-liquids is restricted to personal use under special conditions as an unapproved therapeutic good. Otherwise, the e-liquid with nicotine will be classified as an S7 poison.

New Zealand

New Zealanders can import up to 3 months supply of nicotine containing e-cig products (like e-juice).


India still permits the use of e-cigarettes by state. But a blanket ban may be imminent in the near future.


As of now, e-cigarettes is still allowed in Indonesia, however a heavy levy of 57% will be imposed on all sales of e-cigarettes and e-liquids beginning October 1st, 2018.

South Africa

Generally permitted, and self-regulated under the codes of conduct of the Vapor Product Association (VPA), but all this might change as regulators are pushing to include e-cigarettes under laws governing tobacco products.


Although vaping is legal in Italy, it is heavily taxed. Online imports of e-liquids have also been officially banned.


Though e-liquids are legal in Bahrain, all e-liquids get a 100% tax since July 2018.

Regulations in Countries Where Use and Import of E-Liquids is Illegal or Restricted

If you happen to live in any of these countries, vaping is generally considered illegal or a highly restricted product.


Legal Consequence


Vaping is officially banned by the ANMAT in 2011.


The selling and buying of e-cigs is not allowed in Brazil since 2009.


In Brunei, if you use e-cigs in public places, you will face a fine from BND$300 - $500 when caught, and face a fine from $5,000 - $10,000 if you import or sell e-cigs and e-liquids.


The National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD) has banned the use of e-cigarettes in Cambodia since 2014.


Vaping is banned in public places in Greece since 2017. Buying and selling of e-liquids is still allowed, however.

Hong Kong

The use, sale and import E-cigarettes are fully banned in Hong Kong as of October 2018.


The distribution of e-cigarettes is banned in Lebanon under Law 174. Unofficially, it is also illegal to import e-cigarettes and e-liquids into Lebanon.


It has been illegal to vape in Oman since 2015 based on a decision by the Public Authority of Consumer Protection (PACA).


Vaping is totally banned in Qatar since 2014 according to a ministry order.


E-cigarettes containing nicotine is not allowed to be imported into Norway.


The legal use of e-cigarettes in the Philippines is still being decided on, and more restrictions on its use appear imminent.


E-cigarettes are permitted to be used where smoking is allowed. However, importers are required to report it to Poland’s Inspector of Chemical Substances.


The use of e-cigarettes is totally banned. You will face a fine of $10,000 if caught.


Taiwan’s laws prohibits the use, sale and import of e-cigarettes and e-liquids under the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act (2007). You can face a fine of NT$50,000 to NT$250,000 for importing.


E-cigarettes are highly frowned upon in Thailand. Offenders face a fine and up to 10 years imprisonment

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The personal use of e-cigarettes is allowed in the UAE at designated areas, however, the sale and import of e-cigarettes and e-liquids are not allowed.

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Malaysian E-liquids Arrive Safely

Now that you’ve learned about the regulations governing the use and imports of e-liquids in your country, here are some useful tips for you to securely order and receive your e-liquids:

  1. Order from premium suppliers like Punkjuice. We only use premium airmail services and packaging methods that protect your e-liquids from being confiscated 99% of the time, no matter where you live!
  2. Order ahead of time. Normal airmail can take 3 - 5 weeks. (But with Punkjuice, it takes a maximum of 2 weeks! And if your country is closer to Malaysia - only 1 week)
  3. Split up large orders into smaller ones shipped to different addresses. Large orders may be subject to VAT or GST charges in some countries.
  4. Use a forwarder like Shop & Ship by Aramex to save money on shipping and get 24 personalized addresses for shopping.
  5. Keep abreast on regulations governing e-liquids in your country.

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