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Voltage Delight: A Comprehensive Volt Bar Review

Voltage Delight: A Comprehensive Volt Bar Review

tengku fadzlan |

15/8/2023 | Written by Tengku Fadzlan

Step into the realm of vaping with the Volt Bar! This article is your backstage pass to everything you need to know about the vape brand - We will be covering how to work it like a pro, keep it running smoothly, and even spot authentic from the fakes. Plus, we have scoped out the absolute top-notch flavours you have got to try. So, whether you are a total newbie or a vaping veteran, buckle up as we dive into the world of Volt Bar goodness.


How do I know if I am buying an original volt bar?

Scratch and scan QR

Let us start off by addressing the way to find out if your Volt Bar is original. Before scanning, scratch out the sticker (with a coin) covering the QR. Grab your smartphone and scan the QR code located at the box’s side. This action will direct you to the official Volt Bar website, where you can effortlessly confirm its genuine status. At Punkjuice.com, rest assured that we exclusively offer authentic Volt Bars. 

Things to Consider and the Top 3 Best Selling Flavours

Here at Punkjuice.com, we sell two versions of the Volt Bar which is:

  1. Volt Bar 10,000 puff
  2. Volt Bar switch 12,000 Puff

Volt bar models

Before you buy one of our top Volt Bar products, remember to think about these things when choosing a flavour: how many puffs you want, the airflow, and which flavour you prefer.

Let us compare our two Volt Bar models: Volt Bar 10,000 puff and Volt Bar Switch 12,000 puff. Both give you a lot of puffs, but the Switch version has a bigger battery and is tougher. The Switch also comes with new and exciting flavours that taste different from the regular one. What is cool is that you can take out the battery in the Switch version and try different flavours easily. So, when you are picking between the two, you are choosing between lots of flavours and convenience.

Removable battery volt bar switch

Additionally, one of the cool features about the Volt Bar switch is that an LED light will turn on when you inhale the pod.

Inhaling LED light

Top 3 Flavours of the Volt Bar 10,000 Puff

Volt Bar 10,000 flavours

Double Mango

Making its debut in the Volt Bar series, the double mango flavour elevates the beloved mango experience by intertwining it with a medley of robust and luscious mango varieties. The outcome is a succulent fusion of rich flavours that tantalise the palate in unprecedented ways. Prepare for an unparalleled mango encounter that will redefine your perception of its delectable essence. 

Grape Apple

Balancing the cherished taste of grapes, tangy and crisp organic apples create a captivating contrast, painting a vivid flavour canvas. Allow the alluring, sweet fragrance of these two remarkable fruits to embrace your senses, culminating in an exhilarating menthol exhale that sends shivers down your spine. 

Watermelon Lychee

Ripe watermelon is transformed into a slushy delight, whirled in a high-speed blender alongside a handful of seedless lychees that balance sweetness and tanginess, crafting an extraordinary vaping experience. Infused with the exotic essence of tropical lychees, accompanied by a subtle rosy undertone, this blend serves as the ultimate thirst-quencher. Immerse your parched palate in this abundantly juicy fusion, brought to you with a refreshing chill after spending five hours in the fridge.

For more flavours on the Volt Bar 10,000 puff, please visit our wide range of selections here.

Top 3 Flavours of the Volt Bar Switch 12,000 Puff

Volt Bar switch 12,000 flavours

Watermelon lychee 

When it is summertime, there is nothing quite like satisfying your thirst with the succulent and revitalising essence of watermelons. Introduce plump lychee into the mix, contributing their delicately sweet and captivatingly exotic notes. Experience the seamless fusion of these exceptional fruits, accompanied by gentle floral undertones that linger in every exhale. 

Mango watermelon

Indulge in a flavour palette that melds the tropical lusciousness of mangoes alongside the invigorating and playful essence of watermelons, resulting in a hugely enjoyable and refreshing taste journey. Blending the richness of mango nectar with the crisp, rejuvenating allure of ripe red watermelon. Each puff provides a gratifyingly delightful sensation that is hard to resist. 

Strawberry grape

Embark on a vibrant journey of fruity bliss as the robust, tangy tones of succulent grapes unite harmoniously with the indulgent sweetness of fully ripened strawberries. These unique fusion crafts a memorable and soothing encounter that mirrors a captivating expedition through a world of abundant fruit flavours.

For more flavours on the Volt Bar Switch 12,000 puff, please visit our wide range of selections here.

Volt Bar Guide

Sticker removal of volt bar 10,000

Removal of silicon cover Volt bar 10,000

Volt Bar 12,000 sticker removal

Volt Bar switch 12,000 silicon removal

Get your Volt Bar ready by taking it out and removing the sticker to find the airflow at the bottom. Twist the mouthpiece to uncover the airway by removing the silicone plug. Now you are good to start vaping. Begin with easy and short puffs, about 1-2 seconds each, so you do not burn the cotton.

Let the cotton soak up the e-liquid by going gently. Make sure the cotton is wet enough for the best vapour when you inhale. Take 5-10 puffs, pausing for 5 seconds between each one. At first, the flavour might be a bit mild, but that is okay. As the cotton gets soaked with liquid, the real flavours will come out, giving you a tastier experience. To see our Volt Bar collection, visit this link.

Charging and Maintaining a Volt Bar

Clean your charging port regularly!

Keeping the charging port clean is equally important for efficient charging. Gently clear dirt or debris from the port using a thin object like a toothpick. 

Avoid using high-powered type C charger and cable.

When you are charging your Volt Bar, do not use a strong type C charger and cable. This is important because even though many disposable pods have the new type C connector, it might not manage high power well.

Most disposable pods are not using the newest USB standards for fast charging. If they were, they would talk about "fast charging." Since that info is often missing, it is safer to assume older USB standards are being used, even with the new type C connector. If you are using a powerful charger, only charge for 20-30 minutes and do not leave it overnight.

To avoid charging too much and dangers, take your Volt Bar off the charger as soon as it is done. Charging too much can make the battery wear out faster, get too hot, or even cause explosions. 

Be cautious of temperature when charging your Volt Bar

When charging, maintain an environment between 10-30 degrees Celsius to optimise battery filling. Extreme temperatures, whether excessively hot or freezing, can impact battery performance and longevity. By providing the perfect temperature for your Volt Bar, you are ensuring a prolonged and satisfying vaping experience. Your device will appreciate the care, and you will keep enjoying those delightful puffs without a hitch!

Volt Bar 10,000 charging

Volt Bar 12,000 charging

To see and know more of our Volt Bar stocks, click this link.

The mechanics of a Volt Bar

Exploring the range of Volt Bar disposable pod models:

What is inside a Volt Bar disposable?

  • A typical Volt Bar houses e-liquids comprising vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavourings, and nicotine. 
  • Genuine Volt Bar products always sport a serial number sticker on the box’s side, while authenticity can be confirmed by scratching the sticker covering the QR code (typically with a coin), then scan it with your smartphone's camera. 
  • Depending on the specific model, these pods boast impressive capacities of either 10,000 or 12,000 puffs, ensuring prolonged satisfaction, distinct flavours (many featuring a cool menthol twist), and a robust nicotine impact of 50mg. 

The features of the Volt Bar 10,000 puff include:

Volt bar 10,000 mechanics

  • 650 mAh rechargeable battery using type-C connection.
  • 5% nicotine strength for an estimated 10,000 puffs.
  • Puff count: 10,000 (User experience may vary depending on consumption)
  • 1.2ohm built in coil
  • Soft rubber mouthpiece with cap

The recently unveiled Volt Bar 10,000 marks the freshest launch, embodying the innovative advancements. Within this novel lineup, you will enjoy and expanded and enduring battery, increased liquid capacity accompanied by a higher puff count, all while savouring the familiar and exceptional flavours that have captured your heart with Volt Bar. 

Examining the image depicted, it becomes clear that the Volt Bar 10,000 features two distinct sections. Within one compartment, there exists a sponge responsible for containing the e-liquid, while the adjacent compartment accommodates the battery, circuitry, and sensors.

Note the ingenious design wherein the e-liquids are suspended within a sponge-like substance nestled within the device. This innovative combination, coupled with a compact battery and an inhalation-detecting sensor, lays the foundation for the very notion of a disposable pod. 

The features of the Volt Bar Switch 12,000 puff include: 

Volt bar 12,000 mechanics

  • Long lasting battery (Type-C rechargeable with flashing indicator)
  • 5% nicotine strength
  • Puff count: 12,000 (User experience may vary depending on consumption)
  • Strong magnet for the removable battery
  • Soft rubber mouthpiece with cap

Say hello to the Volt Bar Switch 12,000 puff disposable pod- a groundbreaking addition to the realm of disposable pods. Here is the twist: when you make your initial purchase, you acquire a starter kit (includes 1 battery and 1 flavour cartridge). Hang on to the main body housing the battery, and in the future, you simply need to grab a flavour cartridge (which comes at a lower cost) and attach it to your starter kit battery for an effortless setup.


In Conclusion, the Volt Bar offers an enticing journey for both newcomers and vaping enthusiasts. Our guide covers everything, from verifying authenticity using QR codes to exploring the array of flavours. The Volt Bar Switch 12,000 puff adds a new dimension with extended battery life, fresh flavours, and a removable battery for flexibility. Understanding the Volt Bar mechanics ensures optimal performance, while efficient charging and maintenance keep your experience smooth. With flavours like double mango and watermelon lychee, Volt Bar delights your senses. Whether you prefer the 10,000 puff or switch 12,000 puff model, a flavourful journey awaits you.