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What You Need to Know about Shipping Vape Juice to Saudi Arabia

Haris Salleh |

Searching for quality vape juices in Saudi Arabia can be challenging. According to Saudi based news portal, Arab News, “There is no explicit law banning vaping in Saudi Arabia, and vapers are free to publicly indulge in the activity — but there are no legal ways to get a vape module, vape juice or any of the equipment needed to vape.” 

In this article we explain how to ship vape juice to Saudi Arabia with examples. 

After reading this, we think you will be very clear on the shipping process to Saudi Arabia when buying vape juice and see how Punk Juice Vape Store from Malaysia can help you with your vape juice requirements. Punk Juice has had 100% success in shipping to Saudi Arabia with no shipments being lost / missing / seized by authorities.

You might be wondering: A Malaysian vape store that delivers vape juice to Saudi Arabia? 

Punk Juice Vape Store is a secured online retailer that has an answer to buying your vape juice. Why shop with Punk Juice? 

Firstly, we mainly conduct transactions via PayPal, an easy to use and internationally recognised, secured mode for online transaction. Secondly, after you’ve placed your order, we personally oversee and pay special attention to your package, as the condition of your package is of top priority to us. Thirdly, we also provide an online chat/support system for any inquiries or discrepancies that may occur along the way. 

Punk Juice Vape Store ships to Saudi Arabia via 2 services provided by Aramex namely - Aramex Express and Aramex Shop & Ship. We’ll provide a better explanation and comparison between the 2 services provided, so you can decide which Aramex service suits you best!

But first: Where can you find the Punk Juice shipping options for Saudi

Well, it is  shown in your Cart Page of course!  Just add some items in your cart and scroll to the bottom of the cart page where the shipping options will automatically appear (based on your geo-location).

Add To Cart Example - Punk Juice Vape Store

Shipping Solution #1: Aramex Express


  • Fastest service to Saudi Arabia (7 days)

  • Pay the shipping fees to Punk Juice and Punk Juice will pay Aramex Express


  • A bit expensive

  • Limited to not more than 1kg per shipment for safety reasons


If you’re looking for the fastest service, then Aramex Express is the service for you. Upon shipping, your package is estimated to arrive within 7 days. The maximum capacity for Aramex Express is 1.0kg, which roughly amounts to 10 bottles of 60ml juice or 20 bottles of 30ml nicotine salt.  A 15% VAT is also already included in the shipping price.


Shipping Solution #2: Aramex Shop and Ship


  • Cheaper shipping rates than Aramex Express (~40% less per kg)

  • Pay Aramex directly for shipping fees


  • Not as fast as Aramex Express, normally around 10 days.

  • Need to register for a  BASIC Account (USD45 one time fee) or  FLEX Account (USD119 per year).


Aramex Shop & Ship service is supported by Punk Juice. Once you’ve signed up for at least a BASIC Account (USD45), you can purchase from Punk Juice. Aramex Shop & Ship will provide you an account number for Malaysia. Punk Juice requires your Malaysian account number to process your parcel. The shipping fees are charged directly to your Aramex Shop & Ship account and you can pay it later once the item has arrived in Saudi Arabia. 


Where to find my account number for Aramex Shop & Ship?

It is located under “My Addresses” after you have log into your account:

 Shop & Ship Account

 1.0kg VS 2.0kg comparison of shipping cost under Aramex Shop & Ship:


Shop & Ship comparison 1.0kg vs 2.0kg

For large shipments, the FLEX Account (USD119 per year) is the better option, as you will get 30-33% off the normal shipping rates compared to the BASIC Account. With a FLEX Account, you definitely save more $$$ in the long run compared to the BASIC Account.


So which service Aramex service SUITS YOU THE BEST?


Aramex Express VS Aramex Shop & Ship - Punk Juice Vape Store



Aramex Express is unbeatable if you want your vape juice delivered the fastest and you are not ordering a lot. But it is also the most expensive (USD42 including 15% tax for 1.0kg maximum).

Aramex Shop & Ship delivery is slower (~10 days) compared to Aramex Express (7 days). But on the plus side, Shop & Ship features a more flexible shipping cost system. It is based on per 100 grams as compared to the usual 500 gram weight breaks. Also, it is worth to note that your package is weighed based on the actual weight and not volumetric weight.

The more juice you order via Aramex Shop & Ship, the more value for money it is for you!

We hope you have found the perfect service for you to buy your preferred vape juice. Punk Juice has had 100% success in shipping to Saudi Arabia with no shipments being lost / missing / seized by authorities.

We at Punk Juice Vape Store aim to be the preferred Malaysian online retailer that provides you with a wide variety of juice from Malaysia and international brands from the US & UK at great prices. We are based in Kuala Lumpur but we ship all over the world! Being vapers ourselves, we understand the criteria & qualities that make a good juice. We personally test and review products in house, to ensure that only the best products are featured on our website. We guarantee that all of our featured products are 100% authentic and reviewed personally for your satisfaction and security.

Have a look at our site and order some juice now! You might find new and exciting flavours that could become your new favourites! 

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