WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Exclusively made for smokers looking to switch away from harmful cigarettes.

  • Starter Pack

    Easily get started with 1 device, 1 box of flavour pods and 1 lanyard

  • Duo Mix

    1 device and 2 flavour pods

  • NCIG Pro Pods

    Select individual flavours that suit your taste.

  • NCIG Pro Closed Pod System Device - Device Kendall

    NCIG PRO Device

    Choose a standalone device

  • NCIG Extra Lanyard

    A premium silicon lanyard with a magnetic easy detachment system.

Nanostix NX Series

For smokers that want a strong throat hit

  • Starter Pack

    Easily get started with 1 device and 2 flavor pods.

  • Trio Combo

    Buy a bundle of 3 NanoPod flavours

  • NanoSTIX NX Series Device Closed Pod Kit - Device Tuxedo

    NanoStix NX Device

    Buy a device on its own

  • NanoPod V2

    Check out other NanoPod flavours

Elf Bar Mate 500

  • Starter Pack

    Get Started with 1 device and 3 boxes of flavours.

  • Elf Bar Mate Trio Combo

    Trio Combo

    Select 3 flavours for this combo

  • ELF BAR Mate 500 - Free Device with purchase of 3 boxes of flavor pods

    ELF Bar Mate Device

    Buy a device on its own

  • ELF BAR Mate 500 - P1 Prefilled Pod (3 pcs per box)

    ELF Bar Mate Prefilled Pods

    Choose your flavour.

DotSwitch Series

  • Starter Kit

    Grab 1 device and 2 boxes of flavours to easily get started.

  • Trio Combo

    3 boxes of dotswitch flavours.

  • DotSwitch 2000 Puff Closed Pod System by Dot Mod - Desert Sunset Device

    Dotswitch Device

    Featuring classy and muted colors to choose from, grab a dotswitch device today.

  • DotSwitch 2k - Watermelon Ice


    Choose your flavors