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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Deep Cuts - Blueberry Hill (SIDE D) - 60ml

Nic Strength

Blueberry Hill is a soul-warming indulgence that beckons you to its heart—a luscious, buttery Blueberry Crumble infused with the comforting embrace of creamy vanilla ice cream and the subtle whispers of a golden pie crust. This remarkable concoction, masterfully brewed by Vinyl Vapor, transcends the boundaries of ordinary e-liquids, immersing you in a symphony of flavors that evoke the nostalgia of a homey, freshly baked dessert. With every puff, you'll find yourself wandering through the enchanting landscape of this dessert-inspired e-juice, where the sweet meets the savory and the familiar embraces the extraordinary.

Brewed expertly by Vinyl Vapor.


  • 30%PG / 70%VG, No Menthol
  • Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Vanilla Ice Cream, Pie