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Naked 100 Maxx 4500 Disposable Review

Naked 100 Maxx 4500 Disposable Review

Harith Salleh |

In this review we take a look at the imported American based flavours by Naked 100 Maxxx 4500 Disposable Pod.

The Naked 100 Maxx is a new disposable device by world renowned Naked 100 USA. Naked 100 are known for their highly aromatic, not too sweet flavours, that give long lasting vaping satisfaction. This time, they have come out with their latest innovation to join in the trend of people pickup up vaping via disposable pod systems.

What are the advantages of disposable pods?

It's clear that these little nifty devices are a true innovation in their own right. 10 years ago, no person trying to get into vaping could have ever imagined being presented with such a device that’s so simple to use. Tear it open, and vape it straight away. No messing about with filling the tanks with ejuice, or coil changes or learning how to use the device. On all the disposable devices, there isn’t even a fire button - that’s how easy it is to use. Just inhale and there you go - you are now a vaper. Another advantage to disposable devices is that they never leak. They suspend the liquid within their bodies by utilizing a big piece of sponge inside (pure genius). A new vaper using a disposable device will never know the experience of having to reach into their pants pocket and feel a slippery device due to the leaking of ejuice (thankfully).

What are the advantages of the Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod?

Some key features of this disposable are as follows:

  1. 500mah non replaceable battery
  2. 10ml of flavour that's good for about 4,5000 puffs
  3. Rechargeable via type C cable (cable not included)
  4. 12 flavours to choose from 

Design and Feel

In terms of design and feel, the Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod is definitely an eye-catching device utilizing bright colours and glossy finish. The airflow at the top of the device feels comfortable and there's no sharp edges to annoy your lips. I must admit that I do really like the design - it feels modern and new. The overall build quality also feels sturdy. I have dropped the device 2-3 times and yes, it did pick up scratches, but not at all worried about it as it's meant to be disposable anyhow. On top of that, I have yet to experience any leaks. 



The airflow of the Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod feels quite loose. I would not say that it is so loose to call it DTL with huge clouds of vapor but it definitely feels breezy and easy to inhale. A neat trick i found was to slightly cover the air hole at the bottom of the device with my pinky finger and when i inhale it that way, i get more of a restricted MTL experience. Another thing to note with this device is that it vapes pretty silent (which is a plus) with no "popping sounds".



When I plug in the device to be recharged, there is a little light at the bottom of the device that glows that lets me know that my connection is working. Once the light stops blinking - it means the device is fully charged. 


With the technical details that out of the way - let’s take a look at some of the flavours on offer:

Brain Freeze (Strawberry Pom) Ice

By far one of the best, this flavour has been around for so many years by Naked 100. Somehow, I feel that it just comes out tasting better and clearer using this disposable device rather than my pod. There’s something that Naked100 has tweaked to make this taste heavenly. The sweet aromas of strawberry, pomegranates and light kiwifruit come through perfectly.

Watermelon Ice

Just perfect - fresh and accurate tasting watermelon with a mentholated exhale.

Peach Mango Ice

This peach and mango tastes tropical and refreshing without any heavy sweetness on the tongue. The peachy aroma comes through really well.

Cherry Lemon Ice

The originality of this flavour is hard to describe. It's like a sweet lemonade flavour with a unique and uncommon cherry blend in the background that elevates this clearly out of the ordinary. When you want a truly original blend - go for this cherry flavoured one. I always equate cherry to the taste of medicine but this cherry is actually very enjoyable. Great if you’re feeling adventurous.

American Patriot

Deep and rich with a hint of very mild sweetness. Full-bodied taste with a tinge of bourbon-like richness.

Arctic Air

Minty bitter mint that I personally find to be very strong. The mint an iciness is akin to a menthol cigarette.

We hope you enjoyed this review. If you made it this, far, go ahead and use the discount code "NKDMAXXX" for a 10% discount of the Naked 100 Disposable Pod.